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Proud El Pasoan

Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist

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Irma Garcia B.A., LMT, MLD, CLT

Graduated from EPCC Valle Verde Campus

with a double Associates in Psychology and

Kinesiology. Irma then graduated with a B.A.

in Psychology with a Minor in Humanities

from UTEP. Her focus grew on the young

and the elderly, as she worked as a Caregiver

for Hospice Care after her studies, furthering

her experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant

at in-home hospice care services while

working part-time as a Registered Behavioral

Therapist for autistic children.

        After surviving a critical car injury in

2017, Irma understood what worked and what

was needed to succeed using various forms

of therapy, massage quickly became of interest to her as she had found relief receiving treatment for her edema diagnosis by CLTs at the hospital and massage therapy care at a chiropractors office. Learning what muscles needed strengthening and flexibility during her rehabilitation, understanding the swelling and pain she had experienced, encouraged her to expand her knowledge in the lymphatic system while recuperating, going to school and starting her business. Now massaging for six plus consecutive years, Irma has dedicated herself to change clients view on Massage Therapy not as a spa experience but as another medical alternative. With a lot of faith, courage, and gratefulness for her loved ones and clientele, Irma is is now the proud owner of R&R Rest and Recover Massage Therapy. 

          Most of her clients consist of government officials, post-surgery patients, the elderly, and UTEP students. She enjoys serving local charities and volunteering for organizations such as The Compassionate Friends, Desert Heaven Elderly Home Care, Nurse, and Teacher appreciation week at Del Sol Medical Center, and KTEP radio at UTEP.

         Irma saw the need to reflect and take time for herself to live a pain-free life and so enjoys taking the time in listening and writing a plan of action for each client, each and every time. R&R proudly serves this beautiful city.

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