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Lymphatic Drainage

Thank you for letting me be part of your recovery

            Hello, I'm Irma! Thank you for letting me help you! First, I'd like to start by sharing with you that surgery is different for everyone. Some wake up happy and call loved ones, while others suffer from anxiety, nausea, or simply pass out. The first thing you may ask yourself is, 'why did I do this?' Everyone goes through a series of questions, regrets, and great sadness, this is called post-operative depression and it is completely normal. When going under the knife, the body goes into shock mode, it doesn't know the difference between reconstructive surgery from a car accident or childbirth for example. Ultimately, the body's goal is to survive all of these drastic changes. Fast recovery requires you to be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the hardest part, the awakening.

            I always advise my clients to fully research the recovery phase to know what to expect and what they will need for in-home care. I will guide, teach and help you understand what your body is trying to communicate to me and send you home with self-help tips tailored to your session specifically, because not once, have I ever had a case that's been one and the same. 30% of the recovery comes from massages, dieting, and doctor visits, the rest will be entirely up to you.

            You will be a couch potato for the first month. Please keep your wounds dried and covered with gauze and medical tape. Air particles such as debris are your worst enemies right now! Stay home and rest. This can make you feel inadequate as the days go by but to recover, we must take it slow. It takes 3 full months to completely recover and see any results i.e., a BBL, so please be patient, especially towards your body! Listen to it, you are the only one that truly knows what it needs. Drink a gallon of water a day and if you must work, don't wear heels and keep your arnica pills handy.

             "Will the massage hurt?'  Yes and no. It all depends on how numb you still are, how big are the fibroids, your dieting, hydration, and more. One thing is for sure, we will find out, but note that I will try my best to accommodate the pressure but if I must, I will ask you to breathe and count down from 3 to 1. I do small increments of pain. Ultimately, my objective is to avoid you from having any future complications such as lymphedema, swelling, pain, or more fibroids from augmenting.

             Congratulations on making this lifelong decision. There will forever be changes such as dieting and exercising to be made and I am more than happy to help you succeed in every step of the way. If you have an emergency, please contact 911 immediately, such as yellow puss, bright red blood (coming out from the incision area, as this can be internal bleeding), loss of vision, appetite, dizziness, or a hard time breathing.           

Our 1st Appointment

* Lymphatic drainage non-operative massages for swelling can be booked under our "60 Minute Massage" option. Gua Sha is also

considered a lymphatic, facial massage beneficial for those in need of relief after facial reconstructive/cosmetic surgery.


  • Please ask your surgical doctor for permission when it is safe for you to start receiving massages.

  • 10 sessions are required maximum or during the 3 months of recovery (massages are non-invasive and can help even after the recommended quantity) to break fibroids, loosen muscles, and improve energy! 

  • ·Wear your body wrap, make sure to size down 1x/month for 3 months.

  • Come in hydrated and use the restroom before our session as you will probably have the urge during and after, which is completely normal.

  • Come with a loved one if you need help removing garments or if comfortable, I will gladly help. 

  • You may wear loose gym shorts, underwear, sports bra or if comfortable, no clothes, I'll always keep you well draped.

  • I will have self-help tips ready for you at the end of our session and answer all your questions.