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Lymphedema and Edema Lymph Drainage 

 When booking for this service, please mention under 'Notes' during checkout how long have you noticed the swollen area, are you taking diuretics, was this a result from post op, cancer, injury, child  birth, lymph node removal, etc. Every detail possible would be much appreciated in order to tailor and prepare your session for success!


When booking, the female therapist will contact you to acquire further information as well as recommendations to your specific situation. Please note that your appointment will be postponed until you've been contacted and given the type of faja or garment to help you prepare before your appointment.


When you first come in, you may bring your faja/garment on hand, as the therapist will begin the Vodder technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. After the appointment, the therapist will asses and accommodate new changes into your daily routine.

5 Elements for Success with
Complete Decongestive Therapy!

  • Client Education, you'll understand your body on a new level.

  • Skin Care: What type of brands to look out for and why?

  • Exercises: Specific and easy daily exercises to aid the lymph fluid.

  • Compression Wraps (Velcro preferred): Please have ready before appointment.

  • Manual Technique Body Reset: 2x a week sessions are highly recommended.

FREE Download: A Guide to Lymphedema/Edema by the Milken

Institute Research Centers at a Global Scale.

We're dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our clients. Irma is the lead therapist trained specifically to work with lymphedema/edema clients suffering from secondary side effects such as surgery, lymph node removal, swelling, radiation, and more.

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Our 1st Appointment

High Success Rate = Client Consistency


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