What to Expect

A Clean Sleek Atmosphere

We clean every tool used via heat up to 180 degrees between each client, while using disposable sheets, gloves and air purifier filters at a 99% reduction rate HEPA Certified for viruses as small as 0.025 microns in size, about 1/4 the size of Covid and influenza particles. We take cleaning and sanitizing very seriously, as our field of work requires very close contact. Safety before and after Covid has always been our top priority.

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A Flexible Schedule

We pride ourselves in maintaining a very flexible schedule as we take in same day appointments and see post-surgical and chronic clients on a daily basis. We understand things might come up as the appointment approaches but in order to have a free slot for someone else who requires immediate attention, we do permit rescheduling once as a common courtesy to the person booking as well as to others. 15 minutes or less of being late is acceptable, any longer and we will ask to please reschedule. Rescheduling is permitted once. Same day appointments require full payment for a faster checkout since we will try our best to place you in between sessions.

A Warm Welcome

We are truly grateful for the opportunity you've given us in letting us help you during your recovery process. We ourselves have been through chronic pain or injury and we understand what it takes to rest and recover. Each one of you is very important to us! We enjoy meeting new people from all over the world! Welcoming you to our recovery family, treating and aiding you during your healing process whether your experiencing migraines, swelling, tendonitis, immobilization and more. We are here to serve you. After every session expect self-healing tips to continue after home care treatment, a departure gift and a warm welcome. Always!