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A Clean Sleek Atmosphere

If sick, you may reschedule as our cancellation policy states when booking.

We wish you a full recovery and good health, but our work requires very close contact, therefore we will respectfully turn anyone away as it is also a contraindication to receive a massage when sick. We clean every tool with heat up to 180 degrees between each client, using disposable sheets, gloves, and air purifier filters at a 99% reduction rate HEPA Certified for viruses as small as 0.025 microns, about 1/4 the size of Covid and influenza particles. We take cleaning and sanitizing very seriously, as our field of work requires it. Safety before and after Covid has always been our top priority.

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A Warm Welcome

We are truly grateful for the opportunity you've given us in helping you during your recovery process. We ourselves have been through chronic pain and injury. We welcome you to our recovery family. Each one of you is very important to us! Let us be a part of your healing process, whether you

are experiencing migraines, swelling, tendonitis, immobilization, and more. We are here to serve you. After every session expect self-healing tips to continue after-home care treatment, a departure gift, and a warm welcome. Always!

Making an Appointment

All table massage appointments must be made online. If having to reschedule, have any questions, or looking for a same-day appointment, please text us! We apologize in advance for any late response, as we are starting to expand and are seeking a great team of hard-working, passionate individuals like us to provide great services each time! Also, we might be in session. We thank you so much for your patience and for entrusting us with this great opportunity to help you reach your optimal performance and health! 


A Flexible Schedule

We pride ourselves on maintaining a very flexible schedule as we take in same-day appointments and see post-surgical and chronic clients on a daily basis. We understand things might come up as the appointment approaches therefore we permit rescheduling once. After that, we have to schedule it as a 'No Show' in order to serve someone else who requires immediate attention. We ask of everyone to please have common courtesy for others. If you can't make it, please reschedule. Fifteen minutes or less of being late is acceptable, any longer and we will have to cut-off time from the session. Same-day appointments require full payment for a faster checkout since we will try our best to place you in between sessions.

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